punitive pseudo-medicine

and world fascism

A technique based on the Koch triad has been used for more than 100 years. It is always necessary in order for a particular bacterium or virus to be recognized as the causative agent of the disease. Roughly speaking, the pathogen must be isolated from the patient’s body in a pure culture, then a healthy person must be infected with this pure culture, after which this pathogen must again be isolated from an artificially infected person in a pure culture.
The test for the lice of modern pseudo-medicine was carried out with the so-called HIV/AIDS, when this pseudo-virus was simply invented according to the principle "do not need a new virus, but need a new test". That is, no Koch triad was used and could not be applied to a nonexistent virus. Independent experts recognized the photos of this pseudovirus as fake. There are two types of tests for the so-called HIV in the world, and they are different in different countries (strictly only one type of test in a particular country). These tests made at the same time almost never give a positive result together. For example, the exploration conducted in Russia using the "ELISA" test yielded 30,000 positive results, but only 66 (0.22% !!!) of them were confirmed by another "WESTERN BLOT" test.
The same goes for ram-virus. I insist on the term ram-virus, since any name can be applied to something that does not exist. The use of the term "coronavirus" is unacceptable, since this is a hysterical indulging to the zombie tv-box. I think they chose “coronavirus” because the previous artificial hysteria with the so-called bird and swine flu was not very successful, not only because of less funding for global lies, but also not very psycho-virus name of the main subject of lies. You can not insult the rams with pork and bird epithets, give them the corona.
And the fact that the dogs were offended because of muzzles had putting on the rams, so the dog is a friend of a man, she will forgive.
That is, ram-virus in its pure form has not yet been isolated, not to mention the Koch triad, and the so-called PCR tests determine not the virus, but increased excretion of exosomes by the body, which occurs during intoxication of the body for many reasons, including traditional flu, classic bacterial infections, poisoning with poor-quality food, increased electromagnetic radiation, etc. etc.
The result is a picture familiar from the so-called AIDS, when positive results of false test were observed during ordinary pregnancy, flu and other types of acute respiratory infections, vaccination against influenza and other diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis, renal failure, rheumatoid arthritis and due to TENS! other reasons. Including positive results were recorded MANY times in healthy people as a result of obscure cross-reactions. Here, too, everything is logical. False test which had concocted in an incomprehensible way, is really unclear behaves.
And untruthful test to the ram-virus in a similar way is highly likely to be positive for many reasons, especially in people weakened by real illnesses. But for healthy people too - it is not for nothing that they have already worked all this out on the so-called AIDS. Even more. Banana, avocado, and machine oil show positive tests for ram-virus. Modern "Dr. Mengele" only needs to increase the number of PCR-test replications, and a positive test for ram-virus will give even a stump.
Thus, not only the pandemic, but even the virus that supposedly caused it, doesn't exist. But there is global fascism, the hallmark of which is precisely at first psycho-manipulative, and then forceful imposition of what is, what is not, who is to live, who is not.
And punitive pseudo-medicine, judging by the background to AIDS, has long been an accomplice to this fascism. Please do not translate all this to specific doctors. This refers to medicine as a system. But specific doctors talking about death from ram-virus of cancer's patient are like polizeies in occupied territory, all the more so since modern hybrid wars are waged in such a way that relatively humane killing with firearms is considered much less effective than other methods.

That is, Hitler in the coffin will surely turn over. You can shoot a limited number of people, because the executioners' fingers will be tired tritely. You can dupe much more, as shown by the global terrorist attack with the ram-virus. And the loss of human appearance and turning into a trembling ram in a muzzle is worse than death. So the execution in this sense may be more humane. In addition, during the artificially launched process of mass degradation of the population, many doctors did not escape all this, and simply do not understand what they are doing. Here the only question remains: can a ram cure a man, or at least a ram?

At such a rate of intensification of global insanity, they will soon come up with a yogurt fever that can be transmitted through thought at any distance, even bypassing the zombie tv-box, as is in the case with the spread of ram-virus. And then everyone who still knows how to think will be locked up in special medical concentration camps to quickly wean them from thinking and thereby stop the spread of a deadly disease. By the way, yogurt fever is very convenient. There are always bacteria in yogurt that can be declared dangerously mutated at any time. That is, they already exist, and there is no need to invent anything to save the money so needed for the creation of psychovirus, which will announce such a dangerous mutation. By the way, psychovirus is a term that often used by manipulators of consciousness. And to do fake tests and hysteria around all this, it’s not a question at all ... Such jokes would seem like pure folly a year ago. How do you like it now ?!

Oppressive atmosphere of fear, which has created tougher than by Hitlers and Goebbels, and forced lack of exercise (which even the Third Reich did not think of) lead to depression, panic attacks, alcohol abuse, suicide, as well as dramatically reduce immunity and lead to exacerbation of cardiovascular and many other diseases. A rabbit placed in an adjacent cage with a wolf cage does not live long. I don’t know if such experiments were done on rams. So ram-virus really kills, but not as the media of disinformation shout about it. Ammo can still be saved, as hysterics from a zombie tv-box at this stage quite successfully compete with the zonder teams. And the situation when the neighbor delate on the neighbor that he is walking or walking longer than it established by camp’s regime of particular pseudo-country (somewhere they allow the walk 3 times at week for half an hour, which, incidentally, is less than in old-regime prisons) - it’s such a bottom, below which you can’t fall.

Hitler's books are imbued with concern for the German people. Now "global humanism" has moved far away forward and they care about the people considerably better. This is into the widespread ram's myth that someone once cared for them, cares and will continue to care. There is an old joke on this subject, now sounding in a new way. Little Johnny had ran in tears from school. Mom asks: "What happened?" Little Johnny replies: "The teacher said that Lenin is alive and loves young children very much." Now even schoolchildren have heard about the theory (and practice) of the so-called "golden billion". So, if a really dangerous infection had occurred, they would have hushed up it for as long as possible, and even arranged a second winter-summer Olympics, an international congress on the best ways to curl and cut wool, a world pop bleating contest and many other very necessary and important activity for ram's population. So even a simple “by contradiction” logic is enough to understand what a ram-virus is.
Since the war is going on against us, and the main means of it is lies, then debunking lies by any means, including artistic means, is a paramount task.

Therefore - the song "Ram-virus":

Барановирус рыщет по стране,
Барановирус долбит по мозгам,
И никуда теперь не деться мне,
И никуда потом не скрыться вам.
(это припев)

Барановирус как естественный отбор:
Отбор кликуш на стойбище в бедлам.
Они меня загонят за забор,
И та же участь уготована и вам.

Барановирус душит на корню
Свободу, ум, достоинство и честь.
Барановирус - значит быть в строю
Дебилов, коих уж не счесть.

Барановирус это есть фашизм,
Нацеленный на то, чтобы нас смять.
И не поможет "здравый пофигизм":
Не этим нечисть можно истреблять.


Когда-то жил да был премудрый Кох,
Учил людей он патогены выделять.
Сейчас фашизм везде верховный бог:
Шумихой! вирус может создавать!

Барановирус - психотерроризм,
эСэС Кабала. Это надо знать.
Какой тут к черту материализм? -
Пустышкой тоже можно убивать!!!


Вопрос простой и ясный, без прикрас,
Не отвертеться и не умолчать:
Они и дальше будут мучить нас,
Иль всё же мы умеем отвечать?!


In addition to this song, 6 more songs from the "Ram-virus" cycle were also created and recorded.
A poetic literary translator from Russian into English is required.

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The cycle of songs "Ram-virus" in Russian

World fascism
through politicians,
mass media (MSM),
and education:

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