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The game of ping-pong online

Demo version, including the option where you can simultaneously see the game and by the opponent (as he sees it with his own eyes).

The game with complex trajectories and dynamics

The following two screenshots show how looks real game, if you play one for the two rivals, opening the game windows for both contenders side by side.



The following two screenshots show the work of a demo version of the game with the computer.


The following screenshot show the work of the debug version of the game that allows you to observe what the rival sees (in this case the computer play as opponent).

Ping-pong. Online demo version:

Click on the following links in turn and play with yourself online (it is desirable to open and arrange the windows as shown on the first the screenshot to be able to switch between windows):

for player 1

for player 2.

You can play this online demo version and with a real opponent, then one of the opponents must choose the link for player 1, and the other choose the link for player 2.

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

Link to the game with the computer:

The game requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
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