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Encryption program

The program for fast and reliable encryption. Program encrypt and decrypt both the content and file names; as individual files and entire directories. Including displays sorted alphabetically original names of encrypted files along with their attributes in xls files. Encrypting file names are in my original algorithm. Encryption of the content of the files is done by cryptographically strong the IDEA algorithm. There is a possibility of encryption-decryption on the file masks. Two versions: with the withdrawal of the original names of encrypted files in exel-table and without this conclusion.

Screenshots with the brief description of the program:

Enter the passwords for encryption the names and contents of files:


Select the file you wish to encrypt and click on the "Crypt":


The file is encrypted and renamed:


Click on the "Crypt all" and receive fully encrypted directory:


Click on the "Decrypt all" and in the directory there are all the original unencrypted files:


Remove all unencrypted files by clicking "Delete all NOT encrypted files":


After that the directory is left only the encrypted files:


Check to view the original graphic file

and its encrypted version:


In the version with display the original names of files to xls files click on the "Names in Excel"

and we get the following table:


The button "Show in Exel" (search for special files):


The button "Show in Exel 1 files" (search for special files):


Deciphering by the mask

or part of file names:

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

Zip archives of demo versions:
Demo version without output in Excel (help in Russian language).
Demo version with output in Excel (help in Russian language).
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