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Builder of websites with adaptive layout + free hosting for them. In Russian language.

Easy and fast creation of sites with adaptive layout.

Builder of websites, which displays adequately on all devices and browsers

The application allows in just 20 minutes, if there are ready-made texts of the site pages and pictures, create a site with adaptive layout and place it on a unique link. At the same time, it is easy and quick to create a slideshow in the site header, image gallery, navigation menu. In the application, you can create and change the layout of the site and the design of the pages, for which there are 64 parameters that can be changed. The work of application is described in detail on its main page and in the help to it (they is in Russian language).

The site itself, on which this builder is placed, is created with the help of its own.

The following are screenshots (in Russian), illustrating his work:















The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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