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Online cards editor

Online postcards editor which send a letter with a card. With the cards competition and many others. Demo version.

Editor that implements layering, scalability, and more

Online editor of the cards with flowers, decorations and greeting texts. This application send a letter with a card for any number of e-mail addresses. It has the cards contest with voting (not more than one vote per IP-address in the day). Application display all cards, participating in the contest. Each participant receives the unique link, where his card (bouquet) is shown first, and the rest are displayed in random order.

Notice. In this demo letter is not sending, but opens a new browser window with the card, which you can save on your local disk as a jpg-file.

Screenshots from the Russian version with comments (at the links below the editor is translated partially into English):

Select the card background:

scr_5111x1.gif (270030 bytes)

scr_5121x1.gif (269171 bytes)


Select the first flower and drag it to the background:

scr_5131x1.gif (266215 bytes)

scr_5141x1.gif (269461 bytes)

scr_5151x1.gif (278760 bytes)


Turn it right:

scr_5161x1.gif (279498 bytes)

scr_5171x1.gif (280227 bytes)


Reduce the flower:

scr_5181x1.gif (279876 bytes)

scr_5191x1.gif (274940 bytes)


Drag another flower:

scr_5201x1.gif (282305 bytes)


We can move it back and add another flower:
:scr_5211x1.gif (282748 bytes)

scr_5221x1.gif (287745 bytes)


Then turn the flower:

scr_5231x1.gif (288435 bytes)


And also to push it back:

scr_5241x1.gif (289720 bytes)

scr_5251x1.gif (288735 bytes)


We can remove the flower:

scr_5261x1.gif (289129 bytes)

scr_5271x1.gif (283705 bytes)


Add one more:

scr_5281x1.gif (283114 bytes)


Then turn the new flower:

scr_5291x1.gif (289995 bytes)

scr_5301x1.gif (289404 bytes)


And reduce:

scr_5311x1.gif (290187 bytes)

scr_5321x1.gif (288994 bytes)


We can move back it (to any depth):

scr_5331x1.gif (287710 bytes)

scr_5341x1.gif (286998 bytes)


We can send card by e-mail (along with congratulatory text):

scr_5351x1.gif (287697 bytes)

scr_5361x1.gif (293767 bytes)

scr_5371x1.gif (271364 bytes)


And for tha, get a gift:

scr_5381x1.gif (300297 bytes)

scr_5401x1.gif (105539 bytes)


We get a postcard in the mail:

scr_5491x1.gif (137240 bytes)

scr_5501x1.gif (124534 bytes)

scr_5511x1.gif (154425 bytes)


We can further modify this bouquet:

scr_5411x1.gif (286522 bytes)


If you're tired - we can always look at other people's flowers:

scr_5451x1.gif (291072 bytes)

scr_5461x1.gif (266285 bytes)

scr_5471x1.gif (279775 bytes)

scr_5481x1.gif (260846 bytes)


We can add decor:

scr_5571x1.gif (292153 bytes)

scr_5581x1.gif (287409 bytes)

scr_5591x1.gif (287694 bytes)

scr_5601x1.gif (288171 bytes)


At any point, you may wish to take part in the competition:

scr_5611x1.gif (294754 bytes)

scr_5621x1.gif (290955 bytes)

scr_5631x1.gif (288457 bytes)


After that get an e-mail notification to this:

scr_5641x1.gif (115953 bytes)

scr_5651x1.gif (153641 bytes)


If you go on a unique link provided in this notice, your bouquet will always be shown first of all flowers, and the rest - at random:

scr_5671x1.gif (267720 bytes)


We can see flowers and vote:

scr_5681x1.gif (278813 bytes)

scr_5691x1.gif (278824 bytes)

scr_5701x1.gif (278774 bytes)

scr_5711x1.gif (335628 bytes)

Above is the
only one of the options work with the application, but their great number, especially in terms of diversity created bouquets.


Below are screenshots of the output e-mail addresses of senders and recipients of postcards

scr_5721x1.gif (28247 bytes)

scr_5731x1.gif (68502 bytes)

scr_5741x1.gif (70735 bytes)

scr_5751x1.gif (70777 bytes)

scr_5761x1.gif (70833 bytes)

scr_5771x1.gif (70429 bytes)

scr_5781x1.gif (29828 bytes)

scr_5791x1.gif (60374 bytes)

scr_5801x1.gif (61629 bytes)

scr_5811x1.gif (61530 bytes)

scr_5821x1.gif (63488 bytes)

scr_5831x1.gif (61904 bytes)


Screenshot installation of this application:

scr_6001.gif (46942 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

. Simplified demo version.
The video above shows the operation of this demo version.
The game requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
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