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Online application for quick recording at reception whith providing all the necessary data for the reception. In Russian language.

Online appointment with a specialist with a convenient and quick to fill in the form, upload scanned documents to the site and create a reminder of the day and time of reception by SMS. Full-featured demo version with administrative module.

Record an appointment with filling in the form and loading scans of documents

When you open the application, the first day with free windows for the reception is immediately displayed. The appointment is made in one click on the desired green bar with the specified time of reception. Choose another day of reception - one or several clicks on the calendar. Fast filling of the "smart" questionnaire, which does not allow to give mutually exclusive answers or move on without correct answers to the questions. Convenient and fast loading, viewing and removal of document scans. Creation of a reminder by SMS is carried out in one click in case of selection of the default time of the reminder (two hours before the reception), otherwise it takes a few additional seconds to change the date and time of the reminder.

User-friendly personal account, where you can refuse to accept, fill in or edit the form, view previously downloaded files (scans of documents), upload new files, delete previously downloaded. There you can also view your profile in html format.

A large and convenient administrative module that allows you to create a schedule for a week for a few minutes.

The application has a well thought-out anti-hacking system and protection against spam records at the reception.

Below are screenshots with notes describing the operation of the application. To view a similar for administrative module, just look at its help (which is made in Russian).


The initial screen when a user opens a applications:




New user registration:


Select a different date:


The user clicked on the green bar with the one he needed acquisition time, was his appointment and opened the questionnaire:


If there are no answers to the questions, then further navigation, in addition to closing the questionnaire, the impossible:


After selecting the answer, navigation became possible:


In case of incorrect filling in some places of the questionnaire warning labels also appear (the navigation buttons are not act):


Continuing the questionnaire:


When the questionnaire is filled in completely, it is possible as her save and modify:


After filling out the application form, the application immediately offers upload scanned documents to the site:


Selecting a file to download:


The file uploaded to the site:


View user uploaded files with possibility of their removal:


File deleted:

Downloaded files after deleting one of them:


After downloading the files, you are immediately prompted to create reminder about the date and time of receiving SMS:


User's personal account:


In your account you can refuse from appointment


fill in or edit the form


view the completed form in html-format


and also view the downloaded files, download new, delete files:


If you forget your login and / or password, you can receive by mail specified at registration:



If you select a date outside the date range with free dates, a message appears in the window for reception:

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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