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My game on Facebook

Original author's game, invented and created by me. The design also mine.

Screenshots (Russian version on Facebook):

Starting the game window. If you entered this game with Facebook
, you are authorized automatically. If not, then enter your name and password in the after pressing the "Start Game" form.

fbg1.gif (86990 bytes)


You will then see the table "players waiting game" (you can see in it only for other users). If the table is not empty, then click the mouse on the name of your desired player.

fbg3.gif (40116 bytes)

fbg2.gif (39968 bytes)


Then the text will appear with a proposal to play with this player and two buttons "Send" and "No".
After clicking on the first one selected sentence will leave your opponent to play with him.
If he agrees, then the game starts automatically, with each of the contestants will be assigned or green, or blue chips. Players, coming out of standby or opponent started the game, are excluded from the table automatically after 30 seconds or after the game

fbg14.gif (49079 bytes)

fbg15.gif (68175 bytes)


After the game the top screen will display a message saying what color tiles you fell.
Further, in each round of play press the button with the weight of your chips (60 to 0) and wait for the opponent. If both players have made progress,
then on a stack of chips at the bottom will rely on both rivals and a winner of the round.
For the owner of the red chips winning weight stack options are 0 to 50 (inclusive) and from 100 to 150 (inclusive)
For the owner of the green chip versions of the winning weight of the stack will be from 50 to 100 (inclusive) and from 150 to 200 (inclusive)..

fbg4.gif (65032 bytes)

fbg5.gif (65005 bytes)


After each turn (round) at the top of the screen is updated information about the state of the game, as the total weight of the pile, the weight of chips grows exactly the players during the last turn (round), the number of points for you and an opponent after all the rounds.

fbg6.gif (51213 bytes)

fbg7.gif (51252 bytes)


And so on: the players choose their own weight of chips and continue playing. The following four screenshots reflect this process.

fbg9.gif (52568 bytes)

fbg8.gif (52348 bytes)

fbg10.gif (53422 bytes)


fbg11.gif (53438 bytes)


If you exceed the weight stack 200 abroad, it automatically moves down to 200 points.

fbg12.gif (50853 bytes)

fbg13.gif (50600 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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