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Stock recommendations and services for speculations on shares of the US stock market

Reliable recommendations to buying shares and convenient services for speculations on US stock market shares. Adequate stock price charts. The program that facilitates the speculation in shares.

Daily recommendations for buying shares with the high percentage of guessing and unique program for stock speculation with ability to play on historical data

The basis of the application are daily recommendations for buying shares of the us stock market:

You are given the ability to quickly view stock price charts from these recommendations:

Рекомендации на покупку акций

The application has a separate module for viewing graphs of stock prices for any company or fund for any period with the ability to simultaneously view two graphs, overlaying stock indices and many other functions:

The main services for playing on shares at the stock exchange online, realizing my stock market predictions, are concentrated in the Shares trading program. It is multifunctional and allows you to trade stocks not only by my recommendations, but also by your own trading strategies, that is, it is very convenient tool for playing on stocks both in real time and on historical data.

You can play on shares on historical data since January 2013 for more than 9 thousand companies and exchange traded funds quoted on the us stock exchanges.

The main part of the program is the share purchase module, which has the following form:

Модуль покупок акций

Here shown recommendations for purchase relating to the next trading day after the closing date of the regular bidding, shown at the top of this module under its main menu..

The program allows by one click inset into clipboard name of a ticker, cost and number of shares for subsequent insertion into the Trader workstation. For example, click on any price highlighted in blue in the screenshot above, will added it to the clipboard.

If user not satisfied with recommendations for buying shares, then he can add to the purchase of any ticker manually, using the "Insert" button below the table of tips for buying shares. If they suit his, then he can thoroughly double-check them with the help of graphs and data tables, accessed from the main menu:

Рекомендации на покупку акций

Графики цен акций для покупки

Акции для покупки

Click on the name of ticker will lead to the opening of the share purchase window:

Окно покупки акций

Here click on the "Ticker", "Price", "Amount" buttons brings the proper information to the clipboard, and clicking on the "Post" button mimics the actual purchase of shares, after which the corresponding line disappears from the table:

Реальная покупка акций

Let's say that you bought shares for the first 4 companies from my recommendations. After that the buying module will look like this:

Как покупать акции

The bottom panel shows the amount of money on your account plus the current value of all purchased shares for the selected closing date minus the brokerage commission.

You can see the purchased shares in the relevant report:

Купленные акции

Even looking at this table, you can independently decide to sell shares, not to mention the variant of this table that appears after clicking on the "Show exceeding the limit of growth" (which, of course, you can establish yourself). But for this purpose in the program there is a specialized sales module, which is detailed below.

After moving to the next trading day, we get new recommendations for buying. In this case, companies for which shares previously had purchased (and not yet sold) are not displayed in these recommendations:

Акции которые ранее куплены

Since user already have purchased shares, it makes sense to look and the sales module, which automatically puts up for sale shares that exceeded the required threshold of growth:

Модуль продаж акций

There are no companies or investment funds for this day, for which shares should be sold, but a little later they appear:

Как продавать акции

Click on the name of ticker opens the sales window into which is necessary to place the current selling price:

Окно продажи акций

Sold shares can be viewed in the sales history:

Проданные акции

It is possible to sell any shares, and not just which had exceeded your threshold of growth:

Продать любые акции

It is permissible to sell a part of purchased shares, by entering the quantity for sale:

Количество акций для продажи

This is done by clicking on the corresponding line in the column of the number of purchased shares.

Always allowed to view price charts of both purchased and sold shares:

Графики цен акций купленных тикеров
Графики цен акций проданных тикеров

Since in the above illustrated case we are playing on historical data, the graphs are displayed and far after the dates of purchases or sales marked with red dots. The first graph shows the maximum percentage of the purchase price reached after the acquisition date; in the second shows the date of sale, the profit from sales and the date of acquisition.

You can easily change program settings:

Программа биржевой торговли акциями

Where enabled "Tickers exceptions" checkbox will allow you to not show those companies and investment funds in the purchasing recommendations that you put on the exclusions list by clicking on the company name in the buying module table, or via the option of main menu "Edit exceptions".
You can edit the buying table (that is are now in the purchased), purchase history and sales history:

Таблица покупок акций
История покупок акций

User can clean up his entire database, create a backup copy of it at any stage, and restore the information from a backup:

История продаж акций

For example, it is permissible to speculate in shares in real time, and play on historical data, creating a backup copy at the end of the real trading in shares, and restoring it before the next bargainings. In the rest of the time you can play on historical data, cleaning your database as many times as you want, and only taking care not to exceed the weekly limit of operations set aside for free accounts, the work of which is demonstrated in the last screenshot.

All the basic elements of this stock exchange trading program are equipped with pop-up hints, including buttons, input fields, headers of such fields and even some headings and table cells that are important:

История продаж акций

When playing on historical data, you can put in the tables not the closing prices, but the opening prices of the next trading day, what is done to avoid manual input of prices for long games on historical data, although the closing price of the day of current councils for the acquisition of shares does not prevent using, as well as simply enter any prices manually. This is done by using the "open/close" switch near the upper right corner of the screen.

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:


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