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Business application for creating commercial offers in pdf format in Russian language

Creating online of commercial offers in pdf format. Developed system of substitution of ready standard texts with the possibility of their change. Convenient drop-down lists for selecting these standard texts and product names. Quick search for product names by the first characters entered names. An administrative module and the reporting system. Demo version.

Application using large sets of text and graphic data created in the administrative module for quick formation of the official document of the enterprise in pdf format

The application has a developed system of substitution of ready-made standard texts with the possibility of changing them. Convenient drop-down lists for selecting these standard texts and product names. You can insert different logos and names and details of different companies included in the group of companies. Also is edited and pasted in the final PDF-file of the commercial offer arbitrary texts, such as the appeal to the customer under the header of the commercial offer, notes on discounts and others. The application allows you to change the prices of goods directly in the course of drawing up a specific offer. The application, due to its complexity and flexibility, allows you to create a variety of options for commercial proposals, and all these options correctly, with the correct formatting and the necessary vertical indentation displayed in the final pdf-files. Products in pdf-file are presented together with their photos, descriptions and prices in tabular form, and complex formatting, including product names, their photos and their detailed descriptions to the right of the photo. The application has a large administrative module designed to fill the database as the names, photos, prices and descriptions of goods, and often used in different commercial proposals standard texts. In the administrative module, you can not only add new information, but also edit/delete previously entered.

Screenshots with a brief description of the application functions.

Login to the application:

Авторизация в приложении


The ability to change the number of the offer received from the server automatically:

Номер документа


Choose a logo:

Выбор логотипа


Select the address of the company:

Выбор адреса


Choose the necessary company:

Выбор фирмы




The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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