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Complicated visualization

The program which automatically generate and visualize data, written in Delphi + Flash. Demo version.

Automatic generation and complex multi-sector data visualization

The program is designed to visualize the entire life of a particular user and uses an alternative tabular presentation of data (computer implementation of the well-known philosophical principle of "spiral evolution").

The user puts their data into four folders:

Then he enters his name and origin (day and time of birth) in the block which automatically generate the data and presses the button "View current Thanka":

After this module, written in Delphi, forms the data for presentation to Flash and displays easily scalable flash visualization:

Or larger:

Visualization have links, which visible and active if there is data corresponding to this period:

In this case, the program has a set of visual comfort services, such as spiral slideshow, which moves in a spiral green ball (on the two figures is lower than it is indicated by red arrows), while passing by on that section of the spiral, which is adjacent to a particular large sector in the upper right corner of the screen displays an enlarged photo of this sector:

dpic31.jpg (58892 bytes)

dpic32.jpg (61619 bytes)

Moreover, for such a demonstration can be identified with the mouse any arbitrary plot spirals, such as period of 5 years.

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

. Unpack archive and run file demo_en.exe.

(note, at the point 3/15 of loading may occur a long pause associated with the download in different places and under different corners of a large number of photos).
The application requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
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