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Laboratory work "Studies of the effects of electromagnetic radiation in the living room". In Russian language.

Online application to perform laboratory work in visual interactive regime, consisting of three tasks, with automatic calculation of the assessment and sending it by e-mail.

Screenshots and a brief description of the application functionality:

Authorization and selection of laboratory work:

Создание flash-приложений любой сложности

Разработка flash-приложений любой направленности



Flash-приложение Лабораторная работа

Справка flash-приложения

Подсказка flash-приложения


Методический материал

Учебный материал


Task 1. It is required to mark items with electromagnetic radiation. Every click mouse on the form of the task is ticked in place click if it is the right click (on the object with electromagnetic radiation), tick turns green. Score goes down differentiated way when iterating over clicks. See screenshots below:

Первое задание

Отметка объектов

Завершение задания


Task 2. It is required to note the objects with electromagnetic radiation, installed incorrectly relative to the likely places of long-term stay of people (sofas, beds, chairs, etc.). Each time you click on the task form, a tick is put in the place of the click, if it is the correct click (that is, a click on the object with electromagnetic radiation, located incorrectly), the tick turns green. The estimation is reduced in a differentiated way when searching clicks, as well as when clicking on objects with electromagnetic radiation located at the correct distance. In the task, it is possible to measure the distance between any two points by successive mouse clicks on these points. See screenshots below:

Второе задание

Хинт при наведении мыши



Расстояние между объектами

Начать выделение объектов

Объект отмечен

Объекты помечены

Задание завершено


Task 3. It is required to place objects with electromagnetic radiation at the correct distances relative to the likely places of long-term residence of people. In the task, it is possible to measure the distance between any two points by successive mouse clicks on these points. Some items, such as a refrigerator, can not be installed on top of some objects, such as cabinets, chests of drawers, etc.the Program also does not allow you to place objects with electromagnetic radiation on top of one another. See screenshots below:

Создам приложение любой сложности

Сложные приложения

Приложения любой сложности

Движение объектов

Перетаскивание объектов

Объект перетащен

Выход из формы


The grade for laboratory work is automatically calculated as the exhaustion of the limit of the time allotted for its implementation, and clicking on the "Report"button. The score is displayed on the screen and sent by e-mail. See screenshots below:


Отчёт о работе



Additional part "Research":


Исследовательская часть

Интенсивность излучения

Изменения в организме

Перемещение изображения


Addition to the report on laboratory work (if the reduced score, the application automatically explains why reduced):

Дополнительный отчет

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

. Select there Л/р 2 - the second line of the drop-down list.
The application requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
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