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Online shooter game

Multiplayer online shooter. Something like a duel on the machines in the room with partitions and destructible shots boxes. The view from the top. Fine-tuned synchronization and optimization of transmission via the server of parameters of shooting and movements of players.

Shooting game in the form of a duel of two players

Starting the game window:

scr_401.jpg (289153 bytes)


Enter your name and password in the post by clicking "Start Game" form:

scr_402.jpg (296165 bytes)


You will then see the table "players waiting game" (you can see in it only for other users). If the table is not empty, then click the mouse on the name of your desired player.

scr_403.jpg (348286 bytes)


Then the text will appear with a proposal to play with this player and two buttons "Send" and "No".
After clicking on the first one selected sentence will leave your opponent to play with him.
If he agrees, then the game will start automatically. Players, coming out of standby or opponent started the game, are excluded from the table automatically after 30 seconds or after the game.

scr_404.jpg (355819 bytes)


scr_405.jpg (354912 bytes)


The initial screen player 1:

scr_407.jpg (359654 bytes)


The initial screen player 2:

scr_406.jpg (358981 bytes)


Below are screenshots of the game the way it sees each player:

scr_1131x1.gif (156622 bytes)

scr_1141x1.gif (157054 bytes)

scr_1161x1.gif (155252 bytes)

scr_1171x1.gif (156523 bytes)

scr_1201x1.gif (155073 bytes)

scr_1211x1.gif (154209 bytes)

scr_1221x1.gif (157397 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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