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Game-quiz for social network "Vkontakte". Demo version in Rassian language.

Quiz with the task of the next question only after a certain period of time. With a separate version for Vkontakte and administrative module.

Test of knowledge, patience and regularity

The game is a quiz created using the API of the social network "Vkontakte" (flash modules on the server Vkontakte, the server part of the application and the administrative module-on a separate third - party site; on the same third-party site was located and a separate independent version of this quiz).

Depending on the correctness/wrong answers to questions, the object in the center of the screen grows or decreases. The time limit in the demo version presented in this portfolio is reduced for the convenience of your viewing. In this case, the time interval between questions is set up arbitrarily. Each next question is asked randomly, of course, without repeating. This demo version provides working versions of questions and answers. The program does not depend on the number of questions and exhausts them randomly, regardless of the number of questions. When all the questions are exhausted, a message is issued. If the object has grown larger than the size of the ruler, then it does not increase (but the number of "centimeters" to the left of the ruler grows), and the background of the screen changes to another.

For the VK version, we added "Top 10" and "Friends+app" buttons, showing the top ten best players with their names, points and avatars and friends who have subscribed to this app with their names, points and avatars. By clicking on the avatars, the corresponding users ' pages are opened in a new window. Also made paid features (for "votes") "Reduce time" and "Correct answer". Demo version in "Vkontakte" was removed - see screenshots of this version below.

Ожидание вопроса

Уменьшить время

Внести голоса Вконтакте за уменьшение времени

Вопрос и 4 варианта ответа

Ожидайте следующий вопрос

Узнать правильный ответ

Внести голоса Вконтакте за правильный ответ


Еще один вопрос


Новое ожидание


Посмотреть топ 10 лучших игроков


Показ десятки лучших игроков


Лучшие игроки в другое время


Нажатие на аватар игрока из 10 лучших


Переход на страницу этого игрока Вконтакте


Нажатие на аватар другого игрока


Переход на его страницу Вконтакте


Первая загрузка приложения Вконтакте


Рекомендовать игру друзьям


Прогресс игрока в игре


Административный модуль приложения Вконтакте на стороннем сервере

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:


The quiz requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
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