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Game for the development of memory. In Russian language

Developing memory for faces and names. With the admin area, where you can change the photo and the corresponding names.

Flash game to develop memory on people's faces and their names

Names and corresponding persons are taken from the database table, which is edited via the administrative module.

The administrative module allows you to upload photos, specify the names corresponding to them, change the number of attempts, and points for correctly guessed pairs.

Screenshots of the version in Russian:

Развивающие игры


Игра на развитие памяти


Игры на развитие качеств


Игра для учащихся


Игры для интеллектуалов


Игра, развивающая память


Развитие памяти






Вспомнить лица


Вспомнить имена


Игра на память


Тест на память


Люди и имена



Админка игры на память

Административный модуль игры на память

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

(in Russian)
The game requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
(in Russian)
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