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New modules "Commodity and currency exchange" and "Bookmaker office" in someone else's acting game. In Russian.

New modules "Exchange" and "Bookmaker" in someone else's acting game like a sports manager. Detailed screenshots describing the work of the modules and the cut-down demo versions of these modules and part of the admin panel for them.

New modules in the old game with getting key data from the old part of the game and returning the changed data back

These modules are organically integrated into someone else's acting game, including its data system. They use identification numbers, game currencies, players' ammunition and other data obtained from the external game data system, operate on them within themselves, and are appropriately modified to return to the game data system. These modules are also fully integrated into the interface part of the game. Note. Large reports on the work of these modules, obtained in a separate administrative part, specially written for these modules show the organic integration and consistency of the new modules with the old part of the game. Parts of these reports are presented in screenshots.

To create demos, it was quite difficult to isolate these new modules into separate demos specifically created for this portfolio, as these modules are organically linked to the database of the old part of the game. Therefore, to demonstrate the work of the exchange below are 2 links that act on behalf of two different players. You can open these two links to play on behalf of these players and put on behalf of one player something on the exchange and buy it on the exchange on behalf of another player, and Vice versa. It should be noted that in order to save the resources of the server of the real game and in view of the not very frequent exposure of ammunition and other things on the exchange, the update of the tables of goods placed on the exchange does not occur instantly, so that after the exposure of some player of goods on the exchange, the rest of the players see them after a short pause. The same is preserved in this demo.

Also, a separate demonstration to show the work of the bookmaker office is singled out. In addition, a separate part of the admin panel of the bookmaker's office (with the removal of authorization) is separated into a separate demonstration, in which bet lines are created and sports for which bets are possible are added/edited. It should be noted that this bookmaker is designed for a completely arbitrary number of sports - but at least for all sports in which all bets are possible (at the same time, since this is a hockey game, in the admin it is undesirable to remove hockey from the list of sports). Also, there is no limit to the number of bet lines for one sport. The number of bets of the player is limited only by the amount of available in-game "currency".

Selling and buying by another player:


Bookmaker's admin:

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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