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"Rubber" slide show

Slide show, which takes into account the current size of the browser window (including its changing even during the slide show), and adjusted to the specific markup html-page.

To identify opportunities for these slideshows you can resize the browser window while you view them.


sw11x1.gif (181146 bytes)

sw21x1.gif (171253 bytes)

sw31x1.gif (160351 bytes)

sw41x1.gif (160859 bytes)

sw51x1.gif (112009 bytes)

sw61x1.gif (173902 bytes)

sw71x1.gif (141139 bytes)

sw81x1.gif (171603 bytes)

sw91x1.gif (176431 bytes)

sw101x1.gif (154801 bytes)

sw111x1.gif (136387 bytes)

sw121x1.gif (137900 bytes)

sw131x1.gif (141541 bytes)

sw141x1.gif (143204 bytes)

sw151x1.gif (133982 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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