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Online game "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Well, Fire"

Slightly complicated release of the famous game "Rock, Paper, Scissors." With a time limit for the next course in 10 seconds. Have the option to play with the computer. For a game with himself through the server, open the two links "Game" and enter the game under different names. Of course, you can play online with other (option "with itself" - it's just to test you in this game alone).

Screenshots of Russian version (game on link below in English):

scr_5611x1.gif (174836 bytes)

scr_5621x1.gif (110061 bytes)

scr_5631x1.gif (176500 bytes)


Variant of the game with a computer:

scr_5641x1.gif (51894 bytes)


Online variant of the game:

scr_5651x1.gif (177128 bytes)


Player registration:

scr_5661x1.gif (53491 bytes)

scr_5671x1.gif (65377 bytes)


Players see each other in the form of waiting rivals (there can be any number of players online):

scr_5681x1.gif (42455 bytes)

scr_5691x1.gif (42503 bytes)


One player sends to the other offer to play, and he agrees:

scr_5701x1.gif (52147 bytes)

scr_5711x1.gif (52702 bytes)


Game on. That's what each of us sees players after the next move:

scr_5781x1.gif (54834 bytes)

scr_5791x1.gif (55660 bytes)


The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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