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Creating of animations by user. Demo version.

Application to create animations and user viewing them as a special module of view (in this demo version it's not), and in particular the unique animation for each link (which you can send by e-mail)

Screenshots in Russian. This demo was translated to English by 90%.

Initially logs in your animation by assigning it a unique number, which is then used both to create a link to your animation and save-load it into the editor:

scr_4291x1.gif (39308 bytes)

scr_4301x1.gif (87485 bytes)


Then select the background of the first frame of animation:

scr_4311x1.gif (169219 bytes)


Further, if you want you can select one of the movements of an animated character to change, if necessary, the scale of the character, as well as drag it to the right place:

scr_4321x1.gif (168629 bytes)

scr_4331x1.gif (137370 bytes)

scr_4341x1.gif (136051 bytes)


You can also add text and drag it to the right place:

scr_4351x1.gif (135872 bytes)

scr_4371x1.gif (147331 bytes)

scr_4381x1.gif (145388 bytes)


Then you can add ready-made elements-animations their scale (and even change their color and turn), and drag and drop them into place:

scr_4391x1.gif (145115 bytes)

scr_4451x1.gif (153373 bytes)

scr_4461x1.gif (154260 bytes)

scr_4471x1.gif (151060 bytes)

scr_4481x1.gif (142895 bytes)


Note: You can only put in each frame to 9 prefabricated elements-animations, and at different layers of the final big aniatsii.

Then you can change after any standard frame interval (pause) by default between the frame and the following:

scr_4491x1.gif (152031 bytes)


At any time you can see already done  the animation:

  scr_4501x1.gif (143175 bytes)

scr_4551x1.gif (103832 bytes)

scr_4571x1.gif (104763 bytes)


You can make a copy of the created frame, and then use it as is, or modify, for example, by removing some of the prefabricated elements, animations, inserting the other elements of animation and / or other movement of the character, changing the text and so on:

scr_4601x1.gif (151691 bytes)

scr_4611x1.gif (167689 bytes)

scr_4621x1.gif (145786 bytes)

scr_4631x1.gif (145091 bytes)

scr_4641x1.gif (146570 bytes)

scr_4681x1.gif (152614 bytes)

scr_4691x1.gif (153041 bytes)

scr_4701x1.gif (168939 bytes)

scr_4711x1.gif (167313 bytes)

scr_4721x1.gif (164675 bytes)


You can also create a new frame, filling it from scratch (starting with the background):

scr_4741x1.gif (151733 bytes)

scr_4751x1.gif (163807 bytes)

scr_4771x1.gif (154454 bytes)

scr_4781x1.gif (155503 bytes)

scr_4791x1.gif (188695 bytes)

scr_4801x1.gif (187807 bytes)

scr_4821x1.gif (164211 bytes)

scr_4831x1.gif (163755 bytes)

scr_4841x1.gif (166823 bytes)

scr_4861x1.gif (166141 bytes)

scr_4871x1.gif (173447 bytes)


scr_4901x1.gif (160037 bytes)

scr_4911x1.gif (175695 bytes)


In this case you can always go back to previous frames, changing the content (for example, the filling of prefabricated elements, animations, and their location on the screen, size, color and rotation). For example, you can go back to the first frame and insert the music to be reproduced from it:

scr_4921x1.gif (161306 bytes)

scr_4931x1.gif (154148 bytes)


scr_4941x1.gif (148008 bytes)

scr_4951x1.gif (148112 bytes)

scr_4961x1.gif (148254 bytes)


You can send a link to an animation created by you by email with any accompanying text:

scr_4981x1.gif (147946 bytes)

scr_4991x1.gif (155154 bytes)


One can always save the animation, close the application and return it to edit at any time, by typing at the entrance to the application id of the animation and then clicking the "Upload Animation":

scr_5011x1.gif (148449 bytes)


You can delete frames from the films (by double-clicking on the picture on the filmstrip). Also, double-click delete text, and double-click on the center of the variable element of the finished animation is output from the mode of such change.

Animation can be viewed on an individual's unique animation for each link:

scr_5021x1.gif (71268 bytes)


Or, in general, for all created animations viewer by typing the desired animation id, or by selecting any animation from the list of all created animations in this application::

scr_5131x1.gif (33763 bytes)


At the same time in both the first and second view, zoom available viewing animations directly in this view:

scr_5151x1.gif (104517 bytes)



The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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