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Site with my original online games

Games on this site, as well as some games in the following section of my old works, completely original, that is invented by me personally.

Invented and made by me original author's games

In addition, I have a few unrealized ideas of others me invented the original games. From the old games, I have devised the following games: "Ball and roller", "From the cannon into the sparrows", "Puzzle agent "007", "Eater (Water)", "Ring of fire", "Перетаскивание квадрата".

Screenshots of the game "Mad Piano":

ee1.gif (53495 bytes)

ee2.gif (54157 bytes)

ee3.gif (54444 bytes)

ee4.gif (56072 bytes)

ee5.gif (46849 bytes)

ee6.gif (53938 bytes)

ee7.gif (56233 bytes)

ee8.gif (51881 bytes)

ee9.gif (51647 bytes)

Screenshots of the game "Gluttonous figures":

ee10.gif (30408 bytes)

ee11.gif (29248 bytes)

ee12.gif (29480 bytes)

Screenshots of the game "What fell is not lost":

ee13.gif (167764 bytes)

ee14.gif (162235 bytes)

ee15.gif (167640 bytes)

ee16.gif (166201 bytes)

ee17.gif (171658 bytes)

Screenshots of free online poker "Texas Hold'em", made by me as an add-on, and former on the site with my games:

g951x1.gif (53165 bytes)

g961x1.gif (41974 bytes)

g971x1.gif (42130 bytes)

g981x1.gif (50713 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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