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Site with special game for fashionistas

The website with the special slot game, questionnaire and administration module. Site is in French.


You can just watch the game (the next 3 screenshots) - the mouse pointer on the first screenshot shows the desired link.

../pf/scr_0891x1.gif (185330 bytes)

../pf/scr_0911x1.gif (153055 bytes)

../pf/scr_0921x1.gif (165302 bytes)


You can fill out a registration form (link shows the mouse pointer on the screenshot below) and take a poll, the results of which offers one of the five user profiles or indefferentny profile (when the result of the survey gave no match to one of 5 profiles).

../pf/scr_0901x1.gif (170156 bytes)

../pf/scr_0941x1.gif (145307 bytes)

../pf/scr_0951x1.gif (129742 bytes)

../pf/scr_0961x1.gif (126413 bytes)

../pf/scr_0971x1.gif (117089 bytes)


The administration module to edit the users table - the screenshot is below..

../pf/scr_0981x1.gif (95843 bytes)


The algorithm provides two versions of the game: a probabilistic or a fixed payoff table when the first user, who played the game after the moment of winning, get it, and the rest (at least until the next time gain) on the drum falls losing combination. Below is a screenshot of the Administration of the table wins. On this site included only probable option.

../pf/scr_0991x1.gif (126940 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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