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Game " Bubbles"

The original release of the famous game "Sea bubbles" with an opportunity to make a completely random series of balls in the convenient admin panel, including with the insertion of these series of balls instead of drawings and animations, advertising and other character (see screen shots and examples of such series below).

Game with a complex trajectory dynamics and is not at all trivial algorithmic selection of chains and regions (for proper destruction of the balls)

Turn the search trajectories - the button kn33.gif (1007 bytes) in the upper right corner of the screen. Three types of bonus balls which were touched with the destruction of all, the rise of rows of balls vveh and mimicry in the color kosnushegosya ball - round balls on the column on the right.

Screenshots from the Russian version (at the link below the game is translated into English):

The following two screen shots - an illustration showing the trajectories:

../pf/bubbles/scr_4151x1.gif (269301 bytes)


The remaining screen shots below is illustration design options series games (and the possibility of variation of this design are almost endless - everything depends on the imagination of the site administrator / game):


../pf/bubbles/scr_4041x1.gif (286881 bytes)

../pf/bubbles/scr_4081x1.gif (288852 bytes)

../pf/bubbles/scr_4091x1.gif (280497 bytes)

../pf/bubbles/scr_4111x1.gif (278222 bytes)

../pf/bubbles/scr_4121x1.gif (256390 bytes)

../pf/bubbles/scr_4071x1.gif (306396 bytes)

../pf/bubbles/scr_4101x1.gif (272914 bytes)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:


The game requires an installed flash player. Download it here.
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