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Economic online game "City" (in Russian language)

The whole virtual economy. All programming is mine. Design is mine (except buttons with icons and icons). Fully functional demo version.

A game with a large variety of data generated by players, and with a complex daily processing of this data.

In the original version of the rules of the game are set out in great detail in the forum, and in the main module of the game only tezisno in the sections "About the game", "Rules", "Questions (F. A. Q)", as well as in numerous information Windows of various sections of the game. Forum created based on phpBB3, with some change in the cap design of the forum. It is not presented in this demo version. Therefore, I briefly set out the rules of the game here. The essence of the game is to buy the primary resources of mining enterprises, in the further collection of primary resources from these enterprises, as well as the sale and processing of these primary resources. In this full-featured demo version, when registering, unlike the original game, the player immediately gets a million gold on his account for the convenience of testing the game. In the original version, the player enters his funds into the game through electronic payment systems (1 ruble is equal to 100 units of the game currency - "gold") or gets a credit in the game (up to half a million gold). After the purchase of enterprises with them you can collect primary resources every hour (or less, including much less - at least a few days).

Further, the primary resources can be sold to the municipality or other players on the commodity exchange. The proceeds from this can be withdrawn from the game through electronic payment systems. Also, primary resources can be processed into secondary (building materials) at the processing plant and participate in the fight for the main prize of the game in the "Construction contract". In the game there is a function of food allocation to employees of enterprises, which provides for the acquisition and development (increase in productivity) of dairy farms. In the absence of food production of primary resources at the enterprise is reduced. If you build a work town, the food of workers is greatly simplified, and also get a bonus to the extraction of primary resources.

In addition to the purchase of mining enterprises, their upgrades to higher power levels are also provided. The same applies to the processing plant and the working town.

You can play the game without entering funds, as having received a loan, and earning these funds by viewing ads in the game section "employment Center". Any player on a paid basis can place their advertising in the project (banners, static links, dynamic links, sending messages to all players directly through the game, links to their sites in autosurfing, assignments to players).

Also, the player can earn income from some of the game actions of their referrals, such as buying and upgrading their mining enterprises and processing plant, etc.

The administration of the game can put up for auction shares that bring daily dividends to the players who purchased them. The dividend payout Fund is formed daily from the respective aggregate actions of all players. Player-purchased promotions can be puted on the stock exchange for sale to other players.

The game has a good, time-tested anti-hacking protection. The game has a large and convenient administrative module, which is not presented in this demo version: you can view illustrating its operation (they are in Russian).

Below are screenshots of the latest version of the game. More details on the functions of the game can be found in the game itself, and in detail commented screenshots of the first version of the game (which is made also in Russian) on the links below.

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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