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Multiplayer online card game "Thrown up fool". In Russian language

With the ability to play in the browser and install the application for the game in your computer. The game in both real and virtual money. Tournaments (in the browser version). Here is a simplified demo version and detailed and numerous screenshots (with comments) of the full-featured version.

Card game with an arbitrary number of gaming tables and an arbitrary (from 2 to 6 inclusive) number of players at each table

The game can go on dropout, that is, the remaining in the game can continue to play until the winner is identified (and in this case it is impossible to connect new users to the game).

Holding tournaments (in the browser version).

Here are detailed and numerous screenshots (with comments) of a real full-featured version, as well as a simplified and slightly slowed down demo version.

Screenshots of the Russian version:

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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