Recommendations of high reliability for US stock market shares

Here are presented recommendations for the purchase, sale and retention of shares of the US stock market for more than 9,000 companies and exchange traded funds, whose shares are on the largest exchanges NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation). These recommendations, especially for purchase, are quite accurate. They are based on the original author's algorithm. It is intended for speculation in stocks in the medium term.

Recommendations for buying shares

Recommendations for buying of shares are the most reliable. On average, in 9 out of 10 cases, the share price of these recommendations becomes higher over the next month compared to their price on the day of the recommendations. This has been tested on thousands of companies over many years, including algorithm runs on historical data. You yourself can check it by tracking the prices of such shares in real time for a certain period of time.

If daily automatically to analyze the dynamics of US stock market prices, it is easy to trace the very frequent and quite significant fluctuations of these prices for very many companies and exchange traded funds (ETFs), during which, after a fairly large drop in the price, its growth follows. To identify such promising for speculations in shares within a small (less than a month) period of time falls, by and large, is not so difficult, after which it remains only to weed out those companies and funds for which this falls can be either long-term or even critical.The work on such screening, including, is carried out by my algorithm. For this reason, every day such recommendations for buying quite a lot, and this with the skillful diversification of purchases will allow you to speculate with shares almost without risk.

Recommendations for the sale of shares

Predictions for sales have been always complex and ambiguous. The sale of shares is influenced by a host of factors, such as when and at what price they are bought, how much you want to receive or not lose from the sale, how much you are willing to wait between acquisition and sale, etc. Therefore, my algorithm simply makes such recommendations, but in the end the decision to sell is taken by you yourself.

My recommendations for sale are based primarily on a study of the recent rise in the share price. At the same time, due to the considerable waviness of the movement of the prices of many shares, there is a great probability that these prices will decrease in the near future, since companies with an ever-growing market value of shares simply do not exist.

Recommendations for retention of shares

Here everything is simple (as for my algorithm). What does not fall into the recommendations for buying or selling, automatically refers to the category of retention. And here too there are a lot of additional factors, as well as during the sale, so the final decision on this matter is again made for you.

Updating the data

Daily after the next completed trades, the current data is downloaded, which is necessary for the automated creation of recommendations for the purchase, sale or retention of shares.

Accuracy of forecasts

The total reliability of my forecasts (recommendations) for the purchase and sale of shares exceeds 80%, if we proceed from an increase (or decrease) in the share price within the next month after the forecast.

Reliability of the algorithm

Since my algorithm for creating stock recommendations is based on taking into account the fundamental wave form of the stock market, its reliability is very high, which is also had verified on historical data.

Stock recommendations and historical data

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