Multifunctional legal site

Multilingual website that allows you to provide qualified legal services both online and offline. With automatic recording for a consultation on a schedule, online chat with lawyers, a call to a lawyer via an encrypted communication channel and many, many others.

The site has a large administrative module that allows multiple lawyers to work online with clients.

All programming and layout are mine. In the video call module, a third-party service is used, which establishes communication between the browsers of the communicating subscribers, their source code modified by me for video / audio calls.

Navigation through the pages of this description is carried out through the menu option "Content" and the links at the bottom of the pages.

General view of the main pages of the site

Below are screenshots of the home page, as well as pages of oral consultation, the written question, the creation and verification of documents, personal area page:

Some screenshots of how the site looks on a mobile device:

What you can get here

You can sign up for an oral voice consultation with our lawyer, ask a written question, create a legal document with our help, and also check a ready-made document. These functions are implemented on separate pages of the site which can be accessed through the main menu of the site (namely, its "SERVICES" item, which activates the corresponding submenu for these pages), or from the main page of the site by clicking on the corresponding white squares with the names of these pages:

Access to these functions is possible as for registered users, as well as unregistered (in the latter case, a temporary registration is created, which can be used indefinitely, and also turned into a permanent one in your personal account by changing your username and password). For unregistered or unauthorized users, at the bottom of these pages there is a corresponding form with your contact data, the need to fill which is no longer necessary in the case of authorization on site (in this case, it ceases to be visible).

You can register through the "Registration" item on the upper gray panel of the site.

Already a registered user can authorize on pages of oral consultation, a written question, the creation of a document, the verification of a document, as well as upon entering the personal account. Authorization is saved when moving from page to page of the site and terminates when closing the browser tab with this site. You can also stop authorization on the site in your personal account.

Next, we consider the work of the above pages with different authorization options, that is, for an unregistered user, an unauthorized and authorized user (the last two examples).

Oral voice consultation

Go to the oral voice consultation page from the main page or through the main menu of the site:

Select the type of case in the drop-down list, fill in the fields "Your question" and "Situation description", and also choose the method of contact with you:

Attach, if you wish, the file:

Choose an appropriate free window for consultation by clicking on the corresponding rectangle with the reception time:

If you are not logged in, fill in the fields with your personal data:

Click on button "Sign up for the consultation":

Wait for the server to respond:

The foregoing about the recording on the oral voice consultation is shown in the following video:

Written question

Select the type of case in the drop-down list, fill in the fields "Your question" and "Detailed description of the situation", attach the file if you wish, and log in (if you are already registered on the site, but before not logged in on it):

The result of correct authorization:

Select a rate:

Click on the" Ask a question "button:

Wait for the server to respond:

The foregoing on the written question is shown in the following video:

Create document

Select the type of case in the drop-down list:

Next, make a selection in other consecutive drop-down lists, and also fill in the fields "Document name" and "Detailed description of the situation":

Attach a file if you wish:

Fill in the remaining fields:

You can select a date in the calendar:

You can choose the time in the form:

Click on the "Create document" button:

Wait for the server to respond:

The foregoing about document creation is shown in the following video:

Check document

Select the type of case in the drop-down list and fill in the fields "Which document to check", "The purpose of the test or description of the situation", "Number of pages":

Attach a file with the document:

Fill in the remaining fields and click on the "Check document" button:

Wait for the server to respond:

The foregoing about document verification is shown in the following video:

Attaching files

On the pages of oral consultation, written question, creating a document, checking a document, you can attach one text or graphic file of a common format of no more than 10 megabytes. This can be pdf, doc, txt, jpg , png, etc. file. In case you have several files, pack them in a zip, rar or 7-zip archive (also no larger than 10 Mb). Within one day you can download no more than 11 files and not more than 50 megabytes of files in total. In case you need to upload more files and / or a larger volume of such files, contact with site administrators via online chat, available on every page of the site, or via the feedback form in the site’s footer and find out from them how to send this data via email or file storage (for very large files).

Online chat with site administrators

The last two screenshots show the work of online chat which connect users with site administrators. The "Ask question online" button appears when you scroll down a little on any page of the site and is always located in the lower right corner of the screen. Clicking this button opens the chat:

The following shows the work of the chat:

Having started an online chat with the site administrator, do not go to other pages of the site until the end of the chat, Otherwise, the chat will be interrupted.

Feedback form, video call to a lawyer

Clicking on the button "Apply" in the footer of the site causes a pop-up window with a feedback form. If the user has logged into the site, then the corresponding fields of this form are substituted with his full name and E-mail:

For all logged in users at the bottom of all pages of the site (above the footer of the site) becomes visible button for video call to lawyer, clicking on which opens a window with a video call form on top of the page. In the case of the lack of a webcam, this will be an audio call:

Instant bilingualism

An instant bilingualism is organized on the site, which is implemented by clicking on the name of the current language at the top of the page or on the tick down icon to the right of the language name:

Contextual prompts, writing data to the clipboard

When hovering over some site elements, tooltips appear with animated appearance and disappearance effects:

Clicking on question marks also opens prompts:

Clicks on phones, Skype nickname (and etc. website elements) will copy this data to the clipboard and a pop-up window appears, reporting this:

Sign up for a free consultation

On the main page of the site you can sign up for a free consultation:

For logged in users, the corresponding user credentials are automatically inserted into this form.

Search on the site

On all pages of the site from the main menu you can search in the site:

Share on social networks

Clicks on Facebook and Twitter social networking icons at the top and bottom of all pages of the site open a window with a "share" function:

Next page (website on mobile devices, in Russian)

The following video shows some part of the functionality of the application:

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